I just got a new HE330 and I’m enjoying the louder alarm sounds, (moved up from a Palm III). But I’m finding that even with system sounds set to Low in Prefs, the ticks and beeps are loud enough to annoy people in meetings. I like the audio feedback so I don’t want to turn system sounds off, and I want to have the volume level high enough to hear alarms. So is there anyway to hack the system sounds to make them softer relative to the alarms? There mighn’t be a system data base I could replace or edit, eh?

Beyond the seperate settings in General Prefs. Changing system sounds there from “high” to “low” doesn’t have enough effect, and if I set the volume control so that system sounds are at Palm III levels, so are the alarms. Bummer. – From Geek Geezer in PalmInfoCenter


This Hack is the solution for above problem.


  • AlarmVolumeHack.prc - hack program to patch small alarm sound, you can turn on this hack from HackMaster
  • alarmvolumesetda.prc - DA program, you can launch this program using DA launcher or EasyLaunch. You can set volume of alarm using this program


This program is licensed under GPL.

Written on December 18, 2002