HappyDays is an application for the Palm family of hand-held computers. It is yet another Birthdate clone. HappyDays will help you remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family members. HappyDays is free to use and licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is developed using PRC-Tools on an Linux.

HappyDays is a work in progress. If you have any suggestions for improvement or found a bug in the program, please email me(Jaemok Jeong). You can see some reviews about this program from PalmGear H.Q..


  • HappyDays is a program licensed under GNU GPL.
  • You can check or erase whole program and database using Palm’s built-in program.
  • Supports lunar calendar(Useful for Asia people)
  • Supports category: The categories you created in AddressBook is available in HappyDays. You can make the notification record in DatebookDB for each category.
  • Automatic caching: HappyDays reads the relevant informations from built-in AddressBook. If AddressBook is changed, HappyDays reads the changed information from it.
  • HappyDays has the feature to create the notification record in built-in Date Book, ToDo and Memo Pad application.
  • Supports solar (Julian) to lunar calendar conversion, and vice versa.
  • Support international date format (in system preference)
  • Support Action Names and DateBk3 formats as well as built-in Date Book
  • You can switch to the relevant record in AddressBook from HappyDays records.
  • Full support for Handera 330 with 240 x 320 screen resolution with virtual graffiti area, while running properly on the “normal” Palm-powered devices with 160x160 screen.
  • Support for Jog dial


I’d like to thank the following people who had helped me to develop the program:

  • The members of Chollian PDA SIG. Especially, WOOKJIN, FILIIDEI and PUNGMUL.
  • JungYoon Park, Alan Hecht - who sent me icons of HappyDays.
  • Wolfgang Fahl - Author of Birthdate for Pilot. I was inspired by the idea to create a birthdate tracking program from it.
  • Mitch Blevins - Creator of Diddlebug. And he has maintained the link to the GPL programs for the Palm which was helpful to me.
  • Chris Faherty - Creator of Hot date program which I referred to.
  • Bevan Ting - who provided helpful comments and corrected many grammatical errors in HappyDays page. But if there remain any errors, it’s due to my carelessness.
  • And the many people who gave bug reports or suggestions for improvement.
Written on March 8, 2004