Are you having trouble keeping track of your friends’ and family members’ birthday and anniversaries? Especially the one’s that follow the LUNAR CALENDAR?

HappyDays for Palm returns to the iPhone/iPod touch world.

Know when and whose important days are coming with iHappyDays!!!

iHappyDays will help you remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family members.

It retrieves information from the built-in Birthday and Date fields of Contacts and displays it neat and nicely in table view.

The table view will help you see how soon your contacts’ next birthday and anniversaries are coming. In addition you can look-up, add, and modify your contact’s information from iHappyDays.


  • iHappydays reads the relevant information from the built-in fields of Contacts
  • Supports Lunar calendar
  • Besides Birthday field, It supports the custom Date field
  • iHappyDays caches information for the faster lookup
  • You can sort the entries by name, age, and date
  • You can add or modify your contacts’ information from iHappyDays. The modification will be applied in Contacts directly
  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch


You can download iHappyDays from AppStore.

Change Log

  • Ver 1.1 - (2010-02-11)
    • (Add) Option to turn on/off ‘Past Event’
    • (Add) Option to set the notification period
    • (Add) Option to specify how to calcuate age
    • (Add) Button which be used to goto the nearest event
    • (Fix) Minor bugs
  • Ver 1.0 - (2010-01-21)
    • (Add) Import anniversary from note field of Contacts
    • (Add) More cleaner view for anniversary
    • (Add) Help and FAQ in program
    • (Add) Setting menu
  • Ver 0.91 - (2009-07-14)
    • Compatibility test with iPhone SDK 3.0
    • Change homepage URL to new Blog
  • Ver 0.9 - (2009-05-28)
    • (Add) Show badge option - add badge in Springboard icon
  • Ver 0.8 - (2009-04-22)
    • (Fix) Sort option reset problem : After looking up a contact record, sort option was reset to ‘Name’
  • Ver 0.7 - (2009-04-09)
    • (Fix) a bug in age calculation
    • (Fix) minor bug in sort option
  • Ver 0.6 - (2008-10-02)
    • (Fix) timezone problem
    • (Add) Select Option in Setting Preference - You can check on/off Scan field
    • (Add) Display Option in Setting Preference
    • (Add) Korean Localized version
  • Ver 0.5 - (2008-09-05)
    • Initial release
Written on September 5, 2008