Pomodoro controls for AlfredApp

An AppleScript so you can control Pomodoro1 from Alfred App2. You will need Alfred and the PowerPack3to use this.


To install Pomodoro Controls in Alfred double click on the extension file4.

How to use

Once installed with Alfred you can run the following commands

  • pom start :: To start pomodoro (can also use s or  st)
  • pom reset :: To reset pomodoro (can also use re)
  • pom resume :: To resume pomodoro
  • pom external :: External interrupt (can also use ei)
  • pom internal :: Internal interrupt (can also use ii)
  • pom force :: To force completion (can also use fc)


  • [2012-5-12] I found the developer removed Pomodoroap from Mac AppStore. You can the source file of  Podomodo app from https://github.com/ugol/pomodoro
  • [2012-7-3] Remove growl dependency.
  1. http://pomodoro.ugolandini.com/ (Pomodoro) 

  2. http://alfredapp.com/ 

  3. http://www.alfredapp.com/powerpack/ (powerpack) 

  4. http://cl.ly/172j2X1W3e092F0X153F (Pomodoro extensions) 

Written on May 11, 2012